Lakeside City Volunteer Fire Department is a completely Volunteer Fire Department that protects almost 75 sq. miles. Our Fire Department also provides an EMT Level non-transport EMS Service and respond to an average of 100 calls per year mostly medical. We currently have 14 members with an average experience of 8 years. We continue to strive to build for the future and bring our department in line with other fire departments in our state. We are raising money to build a new fire station to replace our current outdated and overgrown fire station. Our current fire station is close to 40 years old and not big enough for our ever expanding department. 30 years ago the only task the fire department had to do was fighting fires. As the years have gone by the scope of work a fire department has to do has expanded exponentially to include medical, water rescue, etc. Since our jobs have expanded our trucks have became bigger and in turn our station needs to be bigger. Right now all we can handle is 4 big trucks and 1 smaller truck in our station and the station is 30x60 ft. Our station has limited truck space and though we do have a meeting/training room, it is very small. We do not have a kitchen/ dining area for fundraising, and we only have one restroom that gets shared by men and women. That being said we are going to build a new fire station that will benefit both us as a volunteer fire department and you as a part of our community.


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